Fourth Wave Revolution

Recovery, Liberation, Wellness


Access Fourth Wave Revolution’s expertise and accompaniment in your process of decolonization


Bring a workshop to educate your community on how various aspects of society have been and are still impacted by colonization


Set aside a weekend to recenter as a community through spiritual and physical renewal while recommitting and/or reassessing the direction of your organization


A yoga class is a revolutionary way to maintain holistic wellness during your process of decolonization

What Is Fourth Wave Revolution?

Fourth Wave is committed to being a witness and a tool in the liberation struggles of all marginalized communities as well as critically consider how our revolution today can be intersectional, learn from past revolutions, value solidarity, and be sustainable. 


Resisting imprisonment to social roles, healing intergenerational trauma, addressing carry-over effects that are remnants of colonialism. Fourth Wave Revolution uses education to steer society towards mutual liberation while simultaneously dismantling white supremacy. 


Due to colonization, both descendants of colonizers and the colonized have suffered psychological trauma and patterns of thinking and behavior that are not native. Fourth Wave Revolution aids in the recovery of humanity, self, and liberation for all. Revolution begins when we recover ourselves.


We must acknowledge this work is heavy. In order for the work of decolonization to be sustainable we must maintain ourselves, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Fourth Wave utilizes wisdom from yogic philosophies, Black Feminists, Womanist Theologians, and African ancestral spiritualities to promote wellness in the process of decolonization. 

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