Meet Chasity

Womenist. Liberationist. Decolonizer.

I created Fourth Wave Revolution in an attempt to educate as well as decolonize, teaching others to unlearn how we have been invisibly influenced by colonization! For the last five years, I have done this in various ways and worked with various communities to initiate and accompany them in their process of decolonization.

For the last two years, as a Master of Divinity student at Boston University School of Theology, I have focused my degree on exploring various Liberation Theologies including Black Liberation, Womanist, and Postcolonial Theologies.

It was my hope to one day give birth to a movement that would transform the way we engage in anti-oppression and anti-racism work while maintaining and in some cases recovering ourselves. According to Decolonial theorist Albert Memmi, racism is a symptom of colonialism (The Colonizer and the Colonized, 69-70).

Therefore, we must reach deeper, addressing as close to the root as possible to dismantle racism and white supremacy. Fourth Wave Revolution is committed to digging deeper.

Fourth Wave Revolution was conceived at the intersection of the streets, full of protest, and the theological academy. It has found its home exploring the intersection of racism and religion and spirituality through a lens of decolonization, the origin of the concept of race and racism.

Unconventionally utilizing Womanist, Black Liberation, and Postcolonial theologies to dismantle white supremacy through decolonization of the mind (bell hooks, Sisters of the Yam). For it is the unlearning and awareness of colonial logic and propaganda in which we recover ourselves and experience liberation- as both descendants of the colonizers and the colonized. Thus, this liberation is of a mutual nature.
Fourth Wave Revolution is committed to increasing the critical consciousness (hooks) through education and spiritual practice, manifesting in a number of ways.

Fourth Wave Revolution invites you to transform your approach to antiracism.